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state of accessible travel part one PhocusWire

the United States alone, 61 million adults, or 26 of the population, live with a disability, according to the CDC. And as baby boomers – the second-largest generation alive – continue to age, that number will grow substantially. When ites to travel, that group is no different than the rest of the population: They want to get out and go. And far too often, hotels, airplanes, ships and destinationse up short in being able to adequately amodate their needs.According to a recent report from MMGY Global, “Portrait of Travelers with Disabilities: Mobility and Accessibility,” approximately 12.5 million disabled people traveled in 2018-19..

State of accessible travel part two PhocusWire

Part 2, the publication looks at how destinations, cruises and tours
confront their limitations while trying to amodate all travelers andexplores what advisors must recognize in order to serve this growing market.Earlier this year, online booking platform Wheel the World, which specializes in
serving travelers with disabilities, responded to increasing requests for help
from travel advisors by launching an affiliate program for them. The program
includes access to the Wheel the World Academy, which offers education on
serving clients with disabilities.The ternational Board of Credentialing and Continuing
Education Standards began offering a training course on autism for travel
advisors in 2017..

Accessible travel study featured in RACQ RoadAhead magazine Hopkins Centre

Led by Professor Louise Gustafsson, this study aims to identify and find solutions to the challenges people with stroke, traumatic brain injury and spinalnbsp;injury face when travelling.nbsp;Read more about this accessible travel survey and the potential to remove travel barriers for people with disabilities.nbsp;..

PDF) Traveling with a disability: More than an Access Issue

needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding..

Flying Tips for Wheelchair User

Rolling through large crowded airports, hauling luggage, waiting in long lines, receiving a pat down, being strapped into a tiny aisle chair and then sitting for hours unable to move is exhausting. We’ve learned that the best way to circumvent some of the inevitable issues is to know what to expect, and prepare accordingly. Before clicking the purchase button, even seasoned travelers should review the airline’s policies regarding passengers with disabilities. John Morris, a triple amputee who has flown more than 850,000 miles in the past five years, writes about accessibility for his website WheelchairTravel. He discovered, after reading AirAsia’s website, that he cannot fly with the airline because his battery-operated wheelchair weighs more than the airline allows..

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These innovative and important guidelines werepiled on the basis of insights and frameworks developed by private sector leaders in Travel amp; Tourism, travel and disability experts, and research from intergovernmentalanisations.nbsp;Highlights from these important guidelines include providing training to staff on disability awareness and how to support travellers with disabilities, as well as collaborating with other businesses in areas where there are gaps in accessibility knowledge, experience, and services.nbsp;The report also emphasises the importance of fostering a respectful environment at all locations and for all activities, specifically reminding staff that their attitude towards people with disabilities plays an integral role in making that customer feel wee and included..

The Tourism dustry Is Finally Recognising The Importance Of Accessible Trave

As someone who has built his career around providing accessible travel experiences I’m glad to see the industry recognising accessible travel and I have no doubt it will be a more prominent in theing years. However, I have spotted a potential issue as these articles don’t really explain what accessible travel or tourism really is.Accessible travel is one of the buzzwords in tourism right now. Over the last few weeks scores of articles arguing accessible travel will be a much bigger part of tourism have been penned by industry magazines (“Accessible travel ‘an untapped market'” – Travel Weekly, “Accessible tourism has huge potential for more growth” – E-Hotelier, “Accessible travel is ‘greatest untapped opportunity'” – Travel GBI)..

PDF) Accessible Tourism Services on an Example of Amodation Facilities in Prague

needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding..

Accessible travel guide: top 10 aids for holidays NRS Healthcare Pro

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