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We take beach vacations for all sorts of reasons. For some, the beach is the ideal destination to walk hand-in-hand with your special someone, far from familiar faces and routines. For others, the beach is the perfect playground for a large family gathering, with everyone from great-grandma all the way down to the newest baby in the pack. And if you’re young—or young at heart—what better venue than the beach a vacation your gang will never et? Whether you want to stay close to home or venture overseas, we have a perfect spot for your next beach vacation. Whether youx27;re taking your first trip as a couple or notching another anniversary in your belt, the beach is a natural backdrop for the story of your romance..

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As states reopen, experts say socially distant outdoor activities, like swimming or running along the shore, are some of the safer ways to re-engage with the world. Here, tips for how to enjoy the beach now.As climbing temperatures herald summer’s return, cities and states around the United States are beginning the stilted process of reopening. many places, that means a chance to return to the beach. Texas state beaches were ordered to reopen on May 1; now state beaches in Florida, Oregon and California are also starting to reopen. On the East Coast, New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Connecticut reopened state beaches over the Memorial Day weekend, though with limits on capacity and other measures..

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Itx27;s time to plan the perfect coastal getaway. From romantic stays to family favourites, here are the best Dubai beach hotels and resorts.Itx27;s time to plan the perfect coastal getaway. From romantic stays to family favourites, here are the best Dubai beach hotels and resorts..

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Choose any beach vacation town, and you can expect to find a few things — water, sand, probably ice cream, possibly a Ferris wheel. But it takes a little more to make a spot the kind of place that people from the nearest big town and beyond return to summer after summer, sometimes for generations. We chose 25 wildly different destinations around the country — from theically perfect shore of the Florida Panhandle to Iowan lakeside Americana to the finicky coast of the Pacific Northwest — and asked writers who love them to explain their charms. The Washoe people have long revered Lake Tahoe, a sapphire bowl nestled on the border of California and Nevada..

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Looking for a beach vacation that doesnx27;t break the bank? Staying in a condo or a beachside rental is the perfect way to enjoy all the benefits of being by the sea without shelling out big bucks in resort fees, parking passes, and pricey meals out. From the Atlantic to the Pacific—and with the Gulf of Mexico in between—we’ve picked out some of our top spots where you can find a great deal on a rental near the shore. These spots don’t just boast great beaches, they’ve also got loads of entertainment options for every taste and budget. On the Panhandle of Florida, Pensacola Beach is a great affordable option close to airports and right off major highways..

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Rhode Island is packed with great things to do andnbsp;manages to fit a seemingly endless array of activities,.With a jam-packed events calendar, therersquo;s no shortage of things to see and do year-round. Check out.Rest easy in Rhode Island. From vacationing along the scenic coastline to convenient business centers in our.Rhode Island offers an amazing variety of culinary experiences, as noted by the New York Times, Gourmet and Travel.Planning your trip to Rhode Island has never been easier. Here are some travel tools to take some of the guesswork..

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Since 1971, Travel 43; Leisure editors have followed one mission: to inform, inspire, and guide travelers to have deeper, more meaningful experiences. T43;L39;s editors have traveled to countries all over the world, having flown, sailed, road tripped, and taken the train countless miles. They39;ve visited small towns and big cities, hidden gems and popular destinations, beaches and mountains, and everything in between. With a breadth of knowledge about destinations around the globe, air travel, cruises, hotels, food and drinks, outdoor adventure, and more, they are able to take their real-world experience and provide readers with tried-and-tested trip ideas, in-depth intel, and inspiration at every point of a journey..

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Nothing says “vacation” like golden sand, cerulean skies, foam-capped waves, and an umbrella topped drink. A fantastic beach vacation doesn’t have to break the bank, even if you snag a fabulous beachside villa or chic condo. With the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf of Mexico bathing its shores, the US has nearly 5,000 miles of coastline to visit, much of it occupied by beaches. And with Mexico right next door and a plethora of sun-bathed Caribbean islands just offshore, there are plenty of options for that ideal destination that houses your perfect beachside villa or condo.From exploring beachside state parks to enjoying the festive atmosphere of boardwalks, there’s a broad scope of entertainment in Florida that any beachgoer can enjoy practically for free..

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You can8217;t fully relax on vacation if you8217;ve left loose ends at home. For example, if you haven8217;t paid the gas bill before leaving, you may find yourself at the beach worrying about a late fee or cutoff notice.Before you go away, make a list of things that need doing and then do them, even if it means spending one less day at the resort. The extra day spent in preparation will make you more at ease while you8217;re away.Children with ADHD often squirm, fidget and twirl their hair. As adults, these behaviors may be replaced by a vague sense of discontent and restlessness..