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Double check, triple check, and quadruple check that you have your passport before you head to the airport. Also make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months from your date of travel. Don’t et all other important documents like travel insurance, visas, e-tickets, and hotel bookings among other things. If you’re tech-savvy and have it all on your phone, remember to have your phone fully charged before embarking on your adventure!160;Other than that, bring senior citizen IDs (certain attractions give seniors amazing discounts) and few copies of your passport and ID just in case you accidentally lose them..

Organised travel and tours for elderly people: Helpful Blog article with tips and advice.

Organised travel and tours for elderly people have be very popular. One reason is because many women now work outside the home. Another reason is fast-paced modern living. Everyone is so busy nowadays. As a result, their elderly parents need new ways of keeping themselves busy and entertained. Also, people often live longer and in better health nowadays. Then again, more affordable air travel, public transport and holiday packages have changed the way we used to live our lives. These things are no longer a luxury.Here are some helpful tips and contact points to point you in the right direction..

PDF) Retrospective analysis of older travellers attending a specialist travel health clinic

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5 Tips For Travelling With The Elderly
PDF) Travel Behavior of Elderly in Ge Town and Malacc

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Travelling with elderly family members? Be sure to use this preflight checklist Jetstar

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Seeing Old Age as a NeverEnding Adventure The New York Times

But the guides had unfortunately failed to bring along any crutches — let alone walkers. So Ms. Telesmanich cut the trip short, but she is planning on leaving her home here in central Florida this summer toplete what she started. Mr. Lackey took up wing-walking. Last summer, he strapped his feet to the top of a single-engine biplane, like the daredevils of aviation’s early days, and flew across the English Channel at 160 miles per hour — with nothing between him and the wild blue yonder but goggles and layers of clothing to fight the wind-chill.tensely active older men and women who have the means and see the twilight years as just another stage of exploration are pushing further and harder, tossing aside presumed limitations..

Hazards in Airline Travel for the Elderly Getaway USA

As people age, they be naturally more susceptible to illness and injury. Airline travel can exacerbate these risks due to the stress, high altitudes and other hazards involved in traveling or in just being on a plane. Learning more about the risks involved for an elderly person traveling by plane can help you or a loved one minimize the hazards and travel more safely.Crossing time zones can cause significant jet lag. For the elderly, jet lag is particularly stressful. It disrupts not only a person’s sleeping schedule, putting the individual at risk for exhaustion, but medication schedules as well, which could have serious implications..

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