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An article by Campaign for National Parks entitled ‘National Parks have a key role to play in a Green Recovery’ features alongside an interview with The Rt Hon Ge Eustice Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in The House magazine.The weekly magazine is the leading Parliamentary magazine read by MPs and civil servants in Parliament. This edition was the Countryside Special and featured articles focussed on issues impacting rural areas, including National Parks.”Any new, and all existing National Parks must be properly funded, so that they are able to play a leading role in a Green Recovery..

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Act Establishing Yellowstone National Park: Primary Documents in American History (Virtual Programs \u0026 Service

Those of us who’ve had to squeeze our way through crowds at national parks recently can attest how hugely — and annoyingly — popular the parks have be. The pandemic turned a Klieg light on nature’s allure, so much so that 44 parks set visitation records in 2021, according to the National Park Service. And, given the upward trajectory of 2021’s visitation numbers, it’s safe to say greater numbers are likely to be seen in many parks this year.Packing a little patience, along with water, snacks and sunscreen, will go a long way. The N.P.S.’s new app helps with snags, offering real-time updates on road closures, long lines, weather and a portal for park-related reservations, including lodging..

Hiddens Gems to Visit These 5 National Parks The New York Times

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Hundreds of thousands of sweaty, athleisure-clad national park visitors have entered the park gift shop after a hike and immediately gravitated toward one particular display: the vintage-looking mas, postcards and posters with the park’s name in blocky lettering, its best-known vista or features rendered in simple contours and pastels.The style, which has be shorthand for old-school travel posters, can be traced back to one series of 14 posters, created for 13 parks and monuments in the 1930s and ’40s by Works Progress istration artists. But those original designs were almostpletely lost to time and neglect.Most of the credit for their survival lies with a bespectacled, retired backcountry dentist named Doug Leen who homesteads on an island in southeast Alaska..

Meet the National Parks’ ‘Ranger of the Lost Art’ The New York Times

Article about the Bill that would be the Organic Act of 1916. Evening Star. Washington, D.C. August 7, 1916. Page 2, column 4. Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers. U.S. Library of Congress.With this simple statement, the opening lines of The Organic Act of 1916, a new Federal agency was born. Signed into law by President Woodrow Wilson, the Act created a Service to promote and regulate the use of the national parks, monuments, and reservations managed by the Department of the terior.Over 100 years later the National Park Service has grown from a small land management agency of 37 parks and monuments to one that oversees a system of over 400 park units and administers everything from nationally important historic preservation programs to premier natural resource management..

History of the National Park Service

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