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Few activities look as enticing as skiing — think of those images of devotees effortlessly tracing elegant arcs on the snow or gliding through fairy-tale powder — it’s part sport, part tourism brochure. But let’s face it: Skiing is not kind to beginners, especially adult ones.“When people new to the sport think of skiing or snowboarding, they have this image of being basically intermediate pretty quickly,” said Christine Baker, vice president of mountain sports at Big Sky in Montana. “They picture a bluebird day, they picture themselves skiing or riding independently without an instructor in a short amount of time..

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Sometimes you just can’t persuade your mates to join you on your dream ski or snowboard trip – and that’s when you just have to bite the bullet and go solo! Here are our top tips and trips for solo ski and snowboard travelers.Ski and snowboard travel has never been more accessible, and the media constantly bombards us with exciting new destinations and adventures all over the world. We all have ever-growing bucket lists of places we’d like to visit, couloirs we want to shred, powder we want to ride, and peaks we want to climb.But the problem with such variety is deciding where to go each season bes increasingly harder..

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One of the best things about being a professional snowboarder is being able tobine 2 of my passions: traveling and snowboarding. Whether it is for apetition or through the contacts I have made on my snowboarding journey, I am able to check out new ski and snowboard destinations, revisit old favorites and also cherishing home to one of the best ski and snowboard destinations in the world, Breckenridge, CO.Here are my top 5 picks for the best places to snowboard around the globe.
Whistler Blacb is enormous and set in breathtaking northwestern beauty. I remember being inplete awe the first time I arrived in Vancouver and made the drive up into the mountains, passing by areas where the ocean meets craggy mountains and into forests of towering Pacific Northwest trees..

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Outdoor-focused vacations—like skiing and snowboarding trips—offer levels of fun for all ages. addition, cold-weather destinations often offer resort settings, shopping, dining, other outdoor experiences and more.A vacation for skiing and snowboarding is an exciting getaway to plan and look forward to, especially if you’re traveling with friends or family. Whether the trip is to Utah or Whistler, there’s always a chance something unexpected could happen and ruin the trip. For example, if a week before your trip you trip and fall while walking your dog and break your wrist, you could make a trip cancellation claim.Not all reasons will be covered by a standard travel insurance policy if you cancel..

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You might be surprised but Japan is an excellent choice to learn how to ski or snowboard. One big reason for that is the climate and topography of the country. Japanrsquo;s mountains arenrsquo;t all tall as famous ski areas in Europe and North America, which means that many offer gentle terrain and thus equally gentle slopes.Because of this, Japanrsquo;s mountains also boast amazing powder snow. The snowfall doesnrsquo;t stem from the altitude but from the climate. On top of that, the snow is also relatively dry and hence much less icy, making falling ndash; and yoursquo;ll fall a lot ndash; much less painful..

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Five years ago our North American Editor Louise Hudsonpiled an epic article about the Future of Skiing and Snowboarding for STYLE ALTITUDE. She couldn’t have predicted the pandemic and the devastation that it would wreak on many forms of travel and tourism, especially the snowsports industry. And who knew that there was another manmade crisis looming just over the horizon in the form of fuel shortages in Europe PLUS global warming, an ever-threatening catastrophe in the making for ski resorts? But just as a bluebird follows a snowstorm, so the sun came out for ski resorts post pandemic, creating a new après as in après Covid..

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The best season for skiing in Kansai is between December to March, and skiers usually flock to Shiga and Hyogo, where there039;s relatively more snowfall. (Snow in Osaka is somewhat umon.)Shiga is relatively close to Osaka and Kyoto and can be reached in about one to two hours from those areas.Hyogo039;s northern parts see lesser mainstream train traffic, so those unfamiliar with the transportation system used there may want to consider reserving seats in a ski bus tour beforehand, as the bus will take you there and back directly from Namba or Shin-Osaka. This takes about two to three hours one way..

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But anyone who enjoys the sport knows the “post-ski waddle” — the soreness in your glutes and thighs that leaves you hobbling around the ski lodge. But there are things you can do in the weeks leading up to your ski trip to prep your body to hit the slopes that will reduce your soreness, plus lower the chances of injuring yourself and improve your overall performance. You’ll also gain more energy and stamina, allowing you to stay out in the snow longer and then enjoy your après-ski activities instead of just collapsing when you finally make it to the ski lodge..


North Carolina ski resorts are the perfect place for southerners to experience the fun of snow skiing or snowboarding close to home. Resorts focused on skiing in Western North Carolina utilize snow making machines 8212; so even if there isn8217;t any of the white stuff at home, there is bound to be skiing in North Carolina. The best part about the ski resorts in North Carolina is that a plane ticket isn8217;t needed in order for a southerner to go skiing. There are several ski resorts in NC, each with its own unique qualities. No need to worry about the weather, all the resorts have invested in large snow guns, so as long as nights are below 32 degrees, they can create a winter wonderland on the slopes and you can ski North Carolina..