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Solo Travel Packing List: 18 Essentials for Every Trip

One of the most delightful—and daunting—aspects of solo travel is that you’re in charge of everything. Much like how you get to choose wherever and whenever you eat and sleep or can opt to relax rather than rush to sightsee each day, you also determine what objects are worthy of making the journey with you.nbsp;Packing for such a trip embodies the ethos of solo travel itself: While it’s nice to leave a little wiggle room (be it in your itinerary or for souvenirs), it also pays to be prepared. Ensuring you have everything you need to set the baseline for a safe and enjoyable trip ultimately allows you more flexibility in your day-to-day decisions..

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Travelling alone can seem daunting from thefort of home. What happens if things don’t go to plan? What if you get stranded? Is it safe to go out at night solo? All these questionsand more (what will I do if my luggage goes AWOL? What if my car gets stuck in a ditch? Will I get attacked by bandits?) often plague travellers before their first solo travel trip. To put those fears at bay, read on for our writers’ and editors’ top 15 tips for surviving solo travel. It’ll hopefully furnish you with what to know before traveling to anywhere on your own, and lead you to learn lots of new thingsabout the world – and yourself..

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The idea of traveling alone can be daunting if youx27;ve never taken a solo trip before. Checking in for your outbound flight is easy – itx27;s only when you arrive alone in an unfamiliar destination that it all bes real. But any initial doubts are fleeting. the time youx27;ve checked into your hotel and hit the streets looking for your first meal, nerves will already be giving way to the thrill of being somewhere new.A major factor in mastering the art of solo travel is selecting the right destination. Whether youx27;re embarking on an epic multicountry trip or taking an impulsive city break, some places are more suitable for a solo travel experience than others..

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I still marvel I didn’t drop stone-cold dead from embarrassment during my first solo travel experience. As a 20-year-old, I booked a spontaneous trip to Darwin in Australia’s Northern Territory. I didn’t want to go alone, but none of my friends had the time or money to go with me.Everything went wrong from the start. Poor planning landed me in the only available room in town, a backpacker bunk room occupied by two German men who didn’t speak English. On a guided tour of Kakadu National Park, I fell for every prank my Australian guide pulled. (Eventually he stopped baiting me..

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Yes, spontaneity may be the main appeal of traveling solo. Who needs to adhere to the strict itineraries that govern group plans, right? Well, it turns out you do need a certain strategy in order to fully enjoy the trip.
“Even your plans for chaos require a certain structure,” says photographer and world traveler J.C. Hernandez, whose work as a diplomatic liaison has forced him to renew passports that actually ran out of pages to get stamped. “Feeling absolute freedom is all well and good, but not having a travel partner next to you means full responsibility for making things work lies within yourself,” he adds..

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Portugal sometimes 8216;referred to as the end of the world8217; because often they end up as ex-pats rather than digital nomads. It is a place that digital nomads flock to during summer, on the islands and the mainland. Nomads go there to explore then they sometimes never want to leave, that8217;s it, I have made it, I am staying is what I have seen and heard in my time I have been in Portugal. Solo Travelling you tend to meet people easily and opportunity is always around, so for me, it is not the end of the world it is just the beginning..

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I have traveled the world, mostly alone, and I have one piece of advice for women: Go! Being a woman alone no doubt elicits dangers, and I have experienced them firsthand. I have been followed, harassed, grabbed, spat on, threatened and mugged by groups of men. These experiences were scary and, yes, could have been far worse.I have been invited into homes by three generations of women and have shared meals with their families in Turkey. I have traveled in crowded dian trains with a family of all women, from the Ganges to the mountains of Darjeeling. I was led to one of the world’s remaining hanging temples by a group of women in central China..

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For all ages from 25 to 75, around one-sixth of people now choose to travel alone. For older travellers, the proportion increases to one in four, because in this age group a lot of people have lost partners..

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When ites to seeing the world, more and more people are seeing it solo — and travelpanies are rolling out tools and tours to amodate them. Some are adding spaces for solo travelers to existing trips. Others are offering more affordable rooms and packages. This year also marked the first ever Solo Travel Awards, designed to recognizepanies that effectively serve solo travelers. From budget to luxury brands, rentalpanies to hotels, a number of industry groups have reported double digit upticks in solo travel over the last few years. Historically, majorpanies have not catered to solo vacationers the way they do people traveling with partners or spouses and children, but increasingly there are exceptions..